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Jacques Boschung

Jacques leidt EMC’s business in de regio Europe West. Hierbinnen vallen België, Griekenland, Israel, Italië, Luxemburg, Nederland, de Nordics, de Baltische staten, Portugal, Spanje en Zwitserland.

Are You Being Served?

A hallmark of a highly developed economy is that its service sector is much bigger than its agricultural or industrial markets in terms of...

GDPR: why Data Privacy-as-a-Service will be booming in 2017

With the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) due to come into force in May 2018, data privacy is becoming a topic that...

Efficiency gains for innovation’s sake

‘Time is money’ is an old saying that still holds true. In the difficult economic times that we are living since the start of...

Innovation powered by data, enabled by a modern datacenter

Every organization, whatever its size, regardless of the industry it operates in, sits on a huge mountain of actionable data. In the future, the...

Gas or electric? Why not go hybrid?

What will be your next car? Will it be a traditional car using fuel, or are you fully convinced it will be an electric...

Every company is a software company

Our lives, these days, are ruled by software. Just look around you: how many services or objects do you use throughout the day that...

How would you like your IT Sir? Frozen or fluid?

Let there be no doubt about it: every industry will be disrupted. The timing may differ and the impact may vary from one sector...